I was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in 1976.

I studied Plastic Arts at Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais. It was not until I was 24 that music became an important part of my life. I was probably a part of it before, but  was completely unaware of the importance it would have in the future. It just happened by chance one day in Barcelona when Manu Chao heard me singing to myself, as I was walking the streets. A few days later, he recorded my voice and made me listen to it. Singing was so intrinsic to my life that it had never occurred to me that it would result in my profession.  Finding out that I had something inside me which was capable of awakening emotions in other people and in me, deflected me from my goal of being a plastic artist and encouraged me to carry on learning more about music and my voice. I started my studies at El Taller de Músics de Barcelona in 2001, from then on I began my professional career singing Bossa Nova and Jazz, working with different musicians and electronic music producers; I was a vocalist, a backing vocalist and I also led several musical projects. After a few years, thriviving to achieve musical maturity, I made a record, Estrada Do Sol, which is the result of creative work developed with the members of my group: my first album as a solo singer and a composer .