Luna Cohen is Brazilian and one of the main representatives of her countries music in Catalonia. Joel Moreno from Barcelona, plays the guitar and takes part in different projects related to Jazz and Brazilian music.The result of this duo, is creative life music with own language and identity wich is lively, and fresh.Their work combines own themes and versions of great brazilian classics. A trip from the most intimate sounds to the most extroverted of this kind of music.

Luna Cohen (voice) Belo Horizonte (Brazil), 1976


He moved his native Brazil to Barcelona to finish studying Arts. However, she changed to follow her musical interests and enrolled at the school which was near her home, el Taller de Músics, where she was pupil of Joan Chamorro and especially the vocalist Errol Woiski. 

Her first steps as a professional musician, were singing with the pianist Martin Ventura, and the saxophonist Guim Garcia. In her prolific career, she also worked with Jorge Rossy, Marc Ayza, Boquera Abel, Henry Oliver, Jose Alberto Medina and in the of pop-rock style, with David Brown -member of the group Brazzaville- and also with the arranger and producer Charles Slim. She has also collaborated with electronic music producers Leo Cavallo and Dani Trujillo. 

In 2012 he published the CD Estrada do Sol (Times Record), which began a highly successful as singer. The album was presented among other iconic spaces like Jamboree and Nova Jazz Cava in Terrassa and enjoyed considerable media attention. Achieving Award in 2013 for Best New Enderrock 2013 Jazz Proposal. 

In 2012, Luna Cohen also sang on duet with the legendary Jayme Marques. 

In year 2014 has released the album Flor do Cerrado, work is considered by critics as her maturity work. 

In parallel, is collaborating on a musical project with the World Health Organization to raise awareness and visibility of people affected by Chagas disease.

Joel Moreno Codinachs (guitar) Barcelona, 1973


He is one of the most renowned jazz guitarists in Barcelona. Pupil of Mario Rossy and Albert Cubero, he completed his studies in The Hague, where he was a student of Eef Albers, Peter Nieuwerf and Heijn van de Geijn, and in New York, where he studied at New York University with a scholarship from La Caixa and had the opportunity to share experiences with Peter Bernstein, John Scofield and Jean Michel Pilc. In the Big Apple in 2009 he recorded his debut solo album, Emergexit (Errabal, 2010), along with American musicians in the legendary studios Systems Two. The recording was well received by both the critics and the public, and a track from it was selected to be included in the CD Jazz from Catalonia 2010, published by the Department of Culture of the Government of Catalonia. In addition to his solo career, Moreno Codinachs works as a music educator and an arranger, and he has collaborated with musicians as Martí Ventura, Oriol Roca and the band Folkincats, and accompanied singers, in duo setting and larger formations, such as Sabina Witt, Diana Palau and, of course, Luna Cohen.