Project of sensitization & visualization of people affected

by Chagas disease

The song “A vida da gent epode ser melhor” and the video who presents the true story of a 85-year-old patient with Chagas disease, will be widespread in different languages, by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other national and international organizations, such as Fundació FCBarcelona, Leo Messi Foundation, International Health Programme of the Catalan Institute of Health – PROSICS, among others, as an tool for raising awareness and community work in world areas where Chagas disease is present.


The campaign aims to educate people who are at risk of being infected on the importance of being screened, and in case of infection, on the need for a comprehensive treatment (with the biomedical and psychosocial components). Chagas disease is asymptomatic in most of the infected people, but without treatment 30-40% of them may present mainly heart, but also digestive system involvement, with different degrees of severity that may eventually lead to sudden death. In fact, according to recent studies, it is estimated that less than 10 % of those infected in the world have actually been diagnosed. It is, therefore, a silent disease surrounded with a lot of resignation, misinformation and fear, yet.